Studio Research Issue #4

Studio Research Issue #4 now available to download, featuring:

Some Thoughts on the Social Co-Option of Drawing

Deanna Petherbridge

Performance Drawing: Framing the Elements

Kellie O’Dempsey

Drawing the Immaterial Object of Dance

Rochelle Haley

Graphesis: Instrument and Li(n)e

Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig

Drawing, Ego, Self: The Practice of Rasa Rekha in the Work of Indian Contemporary Artist Piyali Ghosh

Piyali Ghosh (with Marnie Dean)

Electric Drama: Residual and Emergent Modernism in William Dobell’s Television Drawings

Chris McAuliffe

Cinematic Drawing: What Might That Be?

Dena Ashbolt

Download Studio Research Issue #4 (PDF)